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Exterior Construction - Arbors, Pergolas & Sheds

Stained Cedar arbor with two benches, hinged seats and concealed storage spaces below.


There is something compelling about a well designed arbor. With its arched trellis work, this wooden structure creates a strong focal point framing the garden shed beyond it.

Set in concrete forms, traditional timber construction provides both a solid structure and a sense of permanance.

Visually, an arbor gives you the option to add greenery and plant height in a garden, particularly when mature trees have not yet become established. By allowing vines to climb, an arbor can also provide additional shade and privacy.

The two hinged bench seats under this arbor provide concealed storage areas that house pumps and filtration equipment for an adjacent pond.

Is That an Arbor or a Pergola?

Generally speaking, an arbor is usually a freestanding garden structure, while a pergola is larger and is most often supported on one side or attached to the side wall of a house.

Pergolas and arbors are usually both designed with lattice work in order to encourage vines to grow and provide shade. However, a pergola may often be covered with a permanent roof in order to provide protection from the elements. In this way, a pergola often serves as an exterior room for dining or relaxation.

Board and batten garden shed with cedar shingle roof.

A Classic Garden Shed

Completing the picture is a whimsical board and batten garden shed with some trellis work, a window box, cedar shingle roof, matching shadow fence....and a copper wind vane.

On a more practical note, this shed also houses underground electrical and plumbing services that control an irrigation system and outdoor lighting.

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