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Kitchens & Bathrooms Sell Homes. So Do Laundry Rooms.

A washer-dryer in the basement is rarely convenient or a joy to use. Its certainly not a selling feature. However, a bright, clean and inviting laundry room, on the bedroom level, is another must-have for home buyers today.

Laundry Sherpa

Don't Be a Laundry Sherpa

Does laundry day make you feel like a sherpa working Mount Everest?

If so, let's see how we can put your laundry room next to the bedrooms. At least, lets get it out of the basement. With some sound design decisions, we'll construct a clean, efficient and well lit laundry room in the best possible location.

And... with the laundry room out of the basement, there may finally be room to build that man-cave. Learn about finishing basements...
Laundry Joy

Do Smaller Loads...On Your Schedule

Many of today's full size washers and dryers can be easily stacked to reduce space. However, if you no longer need a full size washer or dryer, a smaller stacking set may be the perfect solution, especially when space is at a premium. An added benefit is that newer appliances are quieter and less expensive to operate.

Rather than hauling your laundry up and down the stairs, a conveniently located washer-dryer set will allow you to do a variety of smaller loads whenever it suits you... and with far less effort.

Some simple cabinetry can tidy up a small Laundry Room.

Repurpose An Existing Space

With new floor tile and simple custom cabinets, we turned this walk-in closet into a clean and efficient main floor laundry room. The adjacent master bedroom provided plenty of room for us to build new wall to wall closets.

The Kids Have Their Own Homes Now

It may be time to convert that spare bedroom into a bright, cheerful and convenient laundry room. Who knows, we may even be able to enlarge an adjacent bathroom in the process. Give us a call or text us at 613‑453‑1186. We'll show you how.

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Perhaps you have a two bedroom bungalow or townhouse with a laundry room in the basement. If navigating the basement stairs is too much of a chore, consider turning the main floor guest bedroom into a bright and convenient laundry room. Then, build another bedroom in the basement and let the children and granchildren take the stairs.

We'll have a one bedroom house. What about resale?

If you need to, the washer and dryer can easily be returned to the basement. And, by leaving the electrical and plumbing services in place, reconnecting everything will be a snap. Plus, you’ve increased your home’s living space and value, with the addition of a new bedroom in the basement.