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Water Softeners. Why do we install them?


The simplest answer is that minerals in our water supply form scale in water heaters, coffee makers, kettles, plumbing fixtures, dish washers, humidifiers and washing machines. Plus, a high concentration of minerals in domestic water causes soap scum to accumulate on sinks and bathtubs.

The easiest way to keep appliances trouble-free, is to use a water softener. In Ontario, even households with municipal water service in places like Kingston, Amherstview and Bath, experience a significant degree of mineralization.

In areas where well water is drawn from limestone aquifers, mineralization can be many times higher than municipally treated water. If you have a home or vacation property North of Kingston, you know all about hard water.

Water Heaters

Hard water build up of calcium and magnesium in the coils of your water heater, gradually reduces its efficiency. It also clogs the inner workings of appliances.

Fortunately, mineral deposits in water heaters and appliances will gradually dissolve and be flushed away within a few months of installing a water softener.

Coffee Makers

We all enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee. However, when your coffee maker has become scaled with calcium and magnesium, it never seems to taste right.

Bathroom Shower Enclosures, Fittings and Controls

If you have to constantly clean your glass shower enclosures, polished metal fittings and controls, the problem may partially be caused by soap residue but its primarily the result of hard water mineral deposits. Left long enough, mineral deposits will permanently etch glass and metal. Soft water will also keep your shower heads from getting clogged.


You empty your dishwasher and its not twinkling like a TV commercial. Its probably not your rinse aid or detergent. The likely culprit is mineral deposits. Minerals first deposit on the inside of your water heater. Then they redissolve and are carried to your dishwasher where they are left behind as the rinse water evaporates.


Water evaporation is the process by which all humidifiers function. Whether you have a whole-house humidifer or a one-room appliance, mineral deposits impede air flow. Once the evaporation medium becomes clogged, air-flow is reduced and bacterial growth forms, which soon becomes airborne.

Washing Machines

In addition to keeping your appliances running optimally, clothes and linens don't seem as stiff or scratchy when washed with softened water.

On a lighter note, many people just like the feel of soft water. It lathers more easily, uses less soap and isn't harsh on hair and skin.

Big box home improvement stores all sell brand name water softeners that you can install yourself. If you would prefer to have your water softener installed for you, give us a call or text us at 613‑453‑1186.